A few (OK, a lot of) years back I went looking for a nice gift for my six year old daughter Olivia. When I saw Quoridor I thought, cool, Game of the Year, nice looking board with real wood pieces, takes 5 minutes to play, and with a great price to boot.

I’m the type of dad who doesn’t want his kids to think everything in life is easy (except of course when it really is). So I wasn’t going to let Olivia just walk all over me in Quoridor. I figure she might be 7 or 8 before she could beat me :).

I lost the second game we played.

Three possibilities crossed my mind: 1) I’m an idiot; 2) my daughter’s a genius; or 3) Quoridor is a cool game. While 1) and 2) might be true, 3) definitely is.

Somebody gave a tournament (they said it was a national tournament, who really knows) that had Quoridor as one of the games so I entered and won.

I figured I’d write a book on it and wrote 50 pages and then life got in the way. Here’s some strategies if you’re interested.

But don’t give them too much credence. I went online and crushed every opponent until… I met my match. I need to understand why I now suck. And when I figure that out I will update the strategies.

Amazing game. By Gigamic.

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