Effective ACT/SAT Test Prep Approaches

Sylvan, Huntington, Kaplan, Kumon, etc. share focus on mistakes and how to take the test.

Those are good approaches. But they’re not enough: What’s often missing is a drill-down on why the mistakes occur. A bad assumption is that the student doesn’t understand the content. But there are other possibilities.

For example, a student may make a careless error, answer a question different than what was asked, or misread the question or answers.

A better test prep approach discovers the reason(s) the mistake was made. An even better test prep approach provides the tools for the student to discover the reason(s) the mistake was made. And the best test prep approach helps the student drill down further to root cause of the error. Maybe the student feels she never has to check her work (over self-confidence). Or he lacks the self-control to do so – or to re-read the question to be sure it’s the one he’s answering.

Once students are able to drill down to root cause, make a plan to address the weakness, and execute that plan, they have all the values, abilities, and tools to continue learning on their own. And a test prep approach that can do that is a winner.

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